But I Thought You Said You Wanted Children to Have Rights

Check this one out:
The lawyer for a Quebec man whose 12-year-old daughter took him to court to challenge his punishment said Tuesday the case might be taken to the country's top court after the father's appeal was quashed.
The Quebec Court of Appeal sided with the girl, who won a decision from a lower court last June overruling her father's decision to ban her from a school trip.

The court stated that it is a question of parental authority and that what should have been a daily parenting decision burst into a major conflict. But the girl was right to ask the Quebec Superior Court to resolve the matter because her divorced parents couldn't agree, it added.
Well, we have been having all this hoopla about children's rights. Fathers' groups especially claim that they are so concerned about the kiddies (except, they never mention the real way that the kids benefit: from their money). And now, here we have a kid bold enough to proceed forth with exercising her legal rights...and you want to bash her? Strike her down? Utilizing statements like this:
"The court is sending the message that children can sue their parents when they are not happy with a punishment. Is that what we want? It doesn't reflect my values and I think it doesn't reflect the values of our society," Beaudoin added.
This is the problem with people. Your values are supposed to equal my values. You want to dominate, but your values are harming me. Why don't you start asking the children? Are they not people, too?

And for all of you that want that lovely shared parenting experience. Well, here you have it.

Less litigation my ass!

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