Myth -- Fathers who are are present at the births of their children and involved during infancy are more likely to be more involved in subsequent years.

Fact: "[T]here is no evidence that strongly suggests that bonding occurs as a result of a father's early history with his infant."

Palkovitz, R. (1985). Fathers' birth attendance, early contact, and extended contact with their newborns: A critical review. Child Development, 56 (2), 392-406.

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My babydaddy wasn't even present for the birth. Hell, he wasn't really present for the last part of my pregnancy. I was left with no phone, no car, eating only WIC foods.

And yet, when he finally saw met the baby (at my postpartum visit), he was so enamored [with me].

Please understand the previous sentence.

He was totally engrossed in the baby, for many, many minutes, but he really into seeing me. This same "relationship" was present right on up to the day I got the paperwork in the mail saying that he wanted visitation rights.

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