Fathers Are More Likely to Sexually Abuse Children than Mothers

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I really hope that you were looking for stats when you did this query, because it should be known, obvious, a no-brainer that fathers sexually abuse children more. Why? Because fathers are men, and men commit 90% of all sexual assault. I'll come back with a link later.

However it is interesting to note, that when father's supremacy groups tout that "women commit more child abuse than men," conveniently [for them], sexual abuse is omitted from this statistic. Furthermore, the statement is still just plain false. See Male versus Female: who is more likely to perpetrate child abuse, which concludes with:
The statistics you will see from, e.g. the National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect show that child abuse perpetrated by women represents (depending on report) between 50-70% of total abuse, usually closer to 50%. And if we remove from those reports, those minor neglect charges without notable outcomes and charges such as "failure to protect" that women -- and notably battered women -- but very few men tend to be charged with, we probably come down to something closer to 50-50, if it is even that much, if indeed women are the perpetrators of even 50% of total numbers of real abuse and neglect. Which means that in reality, men are not "12 times as likely as women to perpetrate child abuse" but some multiplier significantly greater even than that. In other words:

Children are at astronomically greater risk of physical abuse in the care of a man than in the care of a woman
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