Federal Grants Aiding Human Rights Violations

Crime victims have rights, right?

Picture this:

You've been the victim of a brutal crime. You proceed through court with evidence and the perpetrator was found guilty. But now, you and the perpetrator must meet face-to-face on a regular basis per a schedule. This is supposed to be good for you, the psychologist says, because it will help you deal with your issues of being violated any feeling angry at him. After all, you can't hate your perpetrator you whole life.

You cannot move anywhere without his permission. You cannot go to the doctor without first consulting with him. Both of you must go to counseling, together. You two are supposed to be in agreement with everything that goes on in YOUR life. The restitution that he gives you ends up being spent on making all of these arrangements, and therapy. But your perpetrator is getting grant money from the federal government in order to get him back on his feet.

Which one of you is the victim, again?

I need to know why the federal government is giving grants to agencies in order for them to build visitation centers, for criminals who cannot be rehabilitated to have access to their children, instead of giving the money to help survivors rebuild their lives? Is this what Access/Visitation is all about? Denying victims' rights?

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