The Joint Custody Bounce

"children placed in a stable home environment fare far better than those bounced from one home to another..."

-- Poehlmann, Julie. Perils and hopes for children of jailed mothers, study, Journal Child Development (2005)

Courtesy of the Liz Library.

Imagine growing up as a ping-pong ball. Who wants their child living like this?

I know of a boy, around 9 years of age, who has recently been given sole custody to his dad. Dad has a few other kids from multiple women, plus yet another new fiance. Mom is married, with a couple kids of her own. Before the custody switch (which was voluntary, I must add), dad had very liberal visitation but seemed to spend minimal time with son, and then would dump him with his mother and sister.

Anyway, upon recent inquiry about how this boy is doing, the answer was:
He just feels confused. When we ask him when he's going home, he replies,

Which home? I don't really have a home.

Aunt reports that the boy is really sad. I am saddened, too. He is a really sweet kid, played sports, very lovable and huggable.