Madrugada Pillaging

awakening from a brief midday slumber, some memories are vivid...

Madrugada is a Spanish word that represents those hours after midnight, but before daylight...when the cucarachas are scrambling for crumbs, procreating, leaving little "black rice" as evidence of their presence...when both Santa and the Devil roam inconspicuously, but in your REM sleep, you're paralyzed and incapable of rousing yourself to cognizance to catch either one.

When I was newly married, I would dread the nights that my spouse would be gone on those 24-hour military drills during which I would be home alone. The empty bed and sounds of nature left me constantly stirring. The military life, is not ideal for a wife.

One evening, when sex was no longer a priority for me, he said,
If you don't give it to me, I'm gonna just have to take it.
And that's what he did.

He would come in at random hours of the night, while I was medicated and deeply into my sleep. He would roll my practically lifeless corpse over from my stomach, to my back, and fuck me for as much time as it takes to recite the ABCs.

I don't remember what I was thinking. Was I thinking?

Some women may envision Denzel Washington or Brad Pitt. I think I fantasized about butterflies or the speck on the ceiling. It would be over soon.
Damn, which letter comes next?
Halfway into my marriage, I welcomed the nights when my spouse would not return home. In fact, I prayed for it while constantly eyeing the driveway through the shades. I knew nothing of his whereabouts, but the open bed and clear air was serene.

2 advocates for peace:

Cold North Wind said...

This is powerful and exceptionally well written.

Rj said...

Thanks, I have my lucid days...