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Grass-Roots Mothers' Movements Just Under the Radar

Published Nov 12, 2008 by Aine O'Brocken

What would happen if the media as a whole began to pay attention to these mothers' movements? I don't know what would happen. I sure would like to see the media give it a go, however. Indeed and indeed I would!

Just below the radar and not yet on TV screens or in magazines or newspapers is a grass-roots movement of mothers, banding together on the their newsletter...and in any other way possible.

These women have as a unifying factor a common element in their history: They have lost custody (or partial custody) of their children in court-ordered "kidnappings" which placed those children in the hands of abusive fathers.

Not possible, you say? Not in this country! Not under our justice system!

Yes. Not only is it possible, it is reality. It is reality in this country. And it is reality under a "justice" system that has raged out of control and has turned into a monstrousity which torments mothers and children. This form of court-ordered child abuse is rampant in the United States in this year of 2008. And women across the country are responding to this monstrousity in the form of small organizations which grow constantly larger and begin to overlap and are even now beginning to come together to form larger organizations.

Not possible, you say? Ask Johanna von Geldern, who is on supervised visits with her daughter, a child who begs her on every visit, "Mama! Do you have to go away? Can't I go with you?" The court ordered the child into the custody of a father and his new wife, said father having sufficient funding to afford attorneys who could persuade the court to see things his way. This child comes to visitation sporting bruises and black eyes and battered arms and legs, one time appearing with her fingernails cut so deep into the quick that this little girl could not use her hands to play.

Not possible, you say? Ask the founder of MothersinCrisisCoalition. Or, just as good,, ask any of the members.

Not possible? Ask Eileen King, founder of JusticeForChildren.

Not possible? Ask any number of authorities in the field of child abuse as a product of family court: ask Joan Meier of George Washington University; ask Joy Silberg; ask Dr. Jill Scharff--who is still sitting on records that could prove child abuse in the case of Elsa Newman's children and refuses to release those records; ask Dr. Eli Newberger; ask Michelle Etlin or Leora Rosen, who co-authored The Child Hostage, a book about this very problem

Not possible? Ask an organization called "CorruptCourts."

Ask a woman I must call only Lettie, lest I damage her pursuit of justice. Her daughter was court-ordered into the custody of an HIV-positive father by a court which disregarded the fact that the man was incesting the child.

Ask the women of MomentumofMothers (MOM), whose letter follows.

And now that you know about the grass-roots movement? Read the letter from the women of MOM. Here it is in its entirety.

Holly Collins* can only be described as a "Lion" and she is my hero and the hero of many other mothers out here! She was able to protect herself and her children from her abuser. One of the saddest parts of Holly Collins story is that she is NOT alone! Women are being "stalked" in Family Court by their abusers and it's in part to be blamed on government funding called "Responsible Fatherhood Initiatives".

Literally thousands of mothers nationwide have lost custody to their abuser, in fact “the studies are showing” that up to 2/3 of accused or adjudicated batterers receive joint or sole custody in court. Joan Meier, Esq.

We are a group of mothers that have joined together online in a "Sisterhood" of sharing or losing custody to our ex abuser's. We have blogged, put up websites, signed petitions, joined other groups and we keep trying to receive justice, not only in our own cases but for each other and future mothers.

Here are just 'some' of the nightmares our group has faced:

A mother loses custody to her ex abuser, an illegal immigrant who is facing deportation. How did this happen? Well, a Judge decided in another state that since the child had been visiting the father all summer that was his jurisdiction and overruled what the other state had decided, sole custody of the mother.

This is common ploy of these men to get some substantial "visitation" with the child(ren) and then claim abandonment, residency etc. This NEVER works the other way around for the non abusing parent, which is usually a woman.

Another mother has sole custody, leaves the state (legally), goes to a domestic violence shelter and the ex abuser/father claims "parental kidnapping". Another tactic used by abusers to "force" you to have to be in close proximity to keep trying to "control" you by way of 'forced' visitations of the children. This mother's children reside now in another state than her with her ex abuser. In fact, the ex abuser doesn't even live or care for the children, they reside with HIS parents.

Another mother had her signature forged on a court stipulation that gave her ex abuser "50/50" custody and ALL back child support dropped. One of the biggest reasons why the father wants "joint" custody is because of his child support obligation will be less or nil. The Family Court refused to look at the forgery evidence, the DA refused to file charges and the abuser gained more and more custody. This was even after the father was arrested for his second DUI in less than a year but this time he had the 7yr old child as his passenger. Not even CPS thought that was child abuse or neglect. A CPS worker told the mother that "just because he drove drunk with his child didn't make him a bad father, he made a bad choice". The same father had child sexual abuse allegations against him substantiated but it was reversed by the Family Court Judge that recused himself from the case previously.

The case of a mother who tries to protect her children from sexual abuse by the father and the mother gets supervised visits. That's called PAS, Parental Alienation Syndrome, a common label most of us mothers live with. It's junk "science" that was created by Richard Gardner.

The mother who was beaten to a pulp by her husband and the children witnessed it. They arrested the abuser and ordered him to stay away from the wife and children. Two days after the abuse CPS and the police came and took the children away from the mother because SHE had allowed them to see her being abused and had "endangered" them. With bruises on her face and cuts still healing she had to relinquish her children. She got supervised visits, to this day the abuser has sole custody.

Then the most horrific of the stories is one of Elsa Newman. Newman is a 54-year-old mother, unjustly imprisoned in Maryland Correctional Institution for Women at Jessup. She was charged with a crime committed by another person, family friend Margery Landry, who broke into the house of Newman's estranged husband, Arlen Slobodow, on a night when he had the couple's children for a visit. What she found there seems to have been a case of abuse in progress. Please see this article for more information:

If you want more stories, we have them! Our Constitutional rights have been stomped all over by way of ex parte hearings and communications, falsifying court documents and the most horrendous fact that the Federal government funds in the name of "Responsible Fatherhood" are available to give our abusers an edge in court and counties more money.

The injustices that faces our group of mothers, Holly Collins and many others must be stopped. We have been ignored, chastised and been abused all over again by the agencies and governments that are in place to "protect" women and children from abuse and their abusers. Enough is enough and we are NOT going to take it anymore!

We need the help of the media to expose ALL of the corruption that exists in Family Courts.


The Mothers of:

Momentum Of Mothers M.O.M.

And these women have only begun to fight!

To quote one of them: "I will not shut up, I will not give up and I will not go away!"

*Remember that name "Holly Collins?" She is the mother who fled this country with her children in order to protect them from an abusive father. She found refuge in the Netherlands, where she was given political asylum. The government of the Netherlands took on the task of protection that US and state governments had refused. Among other things, Holly Collins is noted for her response to a court which agreed to drop other charges against her--so she could return to her homeland with her children--provided she would agree to plead guilty to contempt of court. Her reply was to the effect that she would, of course, be willing to plead guilty to contempt of court, since she had nothing but contempt for a court which had failed to protect her children.

In conclusion, a bit of advice for the mothers' movement and the strong women in it: Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil himself says, "Oh s***! She's awake!"

2 advocates for peace:

mamaliberty said...

Change is coming and it will be from women that have all banded together as we have.

We are the change no matter what all the "Father Rights" or "Men Rights" or any "Ballsack" can't do shit about it!

You lurk our sites, post the same shit and think we care? We laugh about how you must feel. We SMILE because we know your days are ending.....

Anonymous said...

he beat me. Over and over. I left 2 years ago but he came around drunk 7 or 8 times and I called the police everytime. I called family services (becausee he had rights) to kinda barr him from my home and son. I signed a "safety plan" requiuring him to have our son supervised. I thanked them for the help and protection. two days later they removed my son. Allegations that he was at risk and harm of being involved in a violent situation. Half the time I called it was for harrasing phone calls...other half he was showing up drunk and I called 911 rt away. i cant control his actions. I feel like if ted bundy and marylin manson walked in my house I wouldnt call the police. I feel my son rt now...he may need a drink. i'm so sad as he is, also.