Place Blame Where Blame Belongs

We see a lot media sensationalism that blames the rising murder-suicide/familicide death toll on the economy...and on medication...and on this and that...The murders are soon forgotten by all but the victims' families and media moves us on to talk about which woman is the worst mother of the year, and how single mothers are eroding society.

But if you take away Big Pharma, and if you take us back to Clinton years, would we still have family annihilations?

Hell yeah.

Thank you Susan Reimer, perhaps one of the few critical minds in today's media.

From In families' tragic deaths, a hint of paternalism:

(emphasis mine)
It wasn't the economy. It wasn't stress. It wasn't mental illness.

It hit me the minute I heard the news - it was ownership.

When William Parente beat and suffocated his wife and two daughters before taking his own life, it wasn't just because his shaky financial dealings were about to come crashing down on him.

And when Christopher Wood killed his wife and three children and then himself, it wasn't just because he was $460,000 in debt and depressed.

Financial disaster was looming for both men, and both were undoubtedly under terrible strain. But they didn't do what Freddie Mac executive David Kellermann did, which was to take his own life and allow his wife and young daughter to survive...

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