"Stop trying to figure out what went wrong"

Apparently, Louisiana is in the top five states for domestic violence homicides. I learned earlier this year that Oklahoma also in that group.

Yvette Cade, the D.C. woman who was set on fire by her husband, speaks out to women, encouraging them to get out now:
“Stop trying to figure out what went wrong,” she said of abusive relationships. “Please don’t waste time trying to decide what you can do differently so that you won’t be attacked by your abuser again. What is happening to you has nothing to do with you.

“Each person makes a choice to behave as he or she does,” Cade continued. “Each person is responsible for their own actions. Don’t spend your days believing that it is your fault that your partner or spouse is abusing you.”
She's right. Don't think about it. Look forward, not back.