What the Mother's Act Really Means

I am still getting a vibe around the internet that people are supporting the Mother's Act.


Because it saves "innocent children" (anti-choice catch phrase, father's supremacist catch phrase, also) from suicidal crack-mothers and save mothers from...themselves.


I would suggest we return back to homebirthing and midwives, in the least, as an escape from all of this madness: Doctors, social workers, and psychs feeling like they are doing us a favor when our best interest is NOT in their minds.

Here's an excerpt from a piece called, Shocking New US Law Makes All Babies Property Of Government:
Even more insidious about this new law, these reports continue, is that all pregnant women, and mothers just having given birth, in the US will be ordered to take powerful antidepressant or antipsychotic drugs should their views towards raising and caring for their children conflict with those of the American government, to include: Religious views that conflict with those that the American government considers ‘safe’; Views on gun ownership that conflict with the American governments intention to disarm their citizens; Views on genetically modified foods and fluoridated water that run contrary to the US governments supporting of these poisons; Views on vaccinations running contrary to the US governments mandatory laws to have all babies and children vaccinated.