When You Kill-Off Everybody to Hide Your Real Target

This story about the North Carolinian man who did the shootings at the nursing home is reminiscent of the D.C. Sniper killings.

You do remember the Sniper, right?

He had everyone around here afraid that each day was their last: shooting random people in parking lots and gas stations.

Boy, we lived in a state of terror then. We prayed that the children would come home from school and that we would live to see tomorrow.

Until I saw Mildred Muhammad at the NCADV conference this past summer, I had no idea what those shootings were all about......her!
"There is no doubt in my mind that he came here to kill me," said Mildred to CBS station WJZ-TV's Denise Koch. "What everybody went through for 23 days, I went through for three years. I always checked the rooftops. I always checked the pumps."

"John doesn't do anything without a plan. He was going to create a diversion because this is what he did in the military," said Mildred, as she reflected back on the sniper attacks. "He would do random shootings, and I would be one of the victims. No one would have investigated the reason why I was shot. He would have come in as the grieving father to my sister and brother, because they have no legal right over the children. He would have gotten the victim compensation fund. He would have left, and nobody would have been the wiser."
Some killers are quite "clever" to match the other adages like "family man," "great father," and "community leader." Please, media, stop glamorizing and sensationalizing these murderous men.

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