Why Is Eddy Curry Not Raising His Son?

UPDATED!! 4/13

Dear Reader,

That was the first question I asked myself, sort of. I mean, it is quite common for big-time male celebs to have only minor roles in their children's lives. Well, I wouldn't even limit that to big time celebs...

But, does it really matter that he wasn't [raising his son]? As Yolan Henry, Nova's Henry's mother, has said about her grandson,
"He has seen his father twice his entire life ...They never knew my granddaughter and since she's been dead, they haven't seemed to care."
The fact is that he wasn't, he didn't, and has come forth now, obviously because he is the child's only living parent who has been given custody because the deceased mother previously specified it...for whatever reasons. It is a heartbreaking story, like so many others.

According to what I just read on Justice's Posterous, perhaps Eddy Curry was not raising his son, Noah Henry, because this was a child from an affair. Dear ol Eddy has a wife and four kids at home already.

And still, it looks like he doesn't want to raise little Noah. Poor child.

Give him back to Grandma Henry, you bastard!

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