Amnesty International Says...

Thank you, Marcella for bringing to attention the 2009 release of Amnesty International's report.

So what do they have to say? Here are some clips:

Regarding Discrimination in the U.S.:
The Committee expressed deep concern that racial, ethnic and national minorities, especially Latino and African American people, were “disproportionately concentrated in poor residential areas characterized by sub-standard housing conditions, limited employment opportunities, inadequate access to health care facilities, under-resourced schools and high exposure to crime and violence”
Yep, we knew this and been knew it.

Regarding maternal mortality in the U.S.:
Marginalized and poor women were at higher risk of death and complications from pregnancy and childbirth, with the maternal mortality rate among African American women three times higher than that of white women.
Same information applies to infant mortality, with the U.S. having one of the worst infant mortality rates of all developed nations.

Regarding violence against women in the U.S.:
Native American and Alaska Native women continued to experience disproportionately high levels of sexual violence and inadequate access to support and justice...uniform protocols on dealing with sexual violence – as well as for comprehensive data collection about the incidence of sexual violence, responses by the authorities and the outcomes of cases referred for prosecution – were lacking.
This is disgusting. Native Americans still getting abused. I wonder what Sarah Palin is doing about this?

Wait a minute, notice a pattern? Native American and African-Americans still suffering the effects of historical abuses...well, hell, current abuses.

Regarding migrants in the U.S.:
In July, Mexican national Juana Villegas, who was nine months’ pregnant, was arrested on minor charges and placed in immigration detention where she gave birth to a boy. She was shackled to a bed by her right ankle and wrist throughout her labour until shortly before delivery of the baby. She was shackled again about six hours after the birth.
Being an immigrant....woman...color...pregnant = triple whammy. The U.S. has no respect.

Regarding violence against women in the Americas:
Women’s groups continue to demand action over an increasing number of homicides in the region. Many of the women’s bodies bore marks of torture and in particular sexual violence. However, the response of many governments, particularly those in Central America, remains woefully inadequate and few of the killings have been properly investigated...
They forgot to include the United States. Do we need to do another report on homicides and violence against women here so that they know what is happening to us?

On Violence Against Women internationally:
Women and girls suffer disproportionately from violence - both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, the community and the family. A life free from violence is a basic human right, yet violence is a daily reality for women in societies throughout the world.
So now, what is everybody going to do about it?

Please also read China's report that nobody said a damn thing about.