Black Domestic Violence, White Domestic Violence

UPDATED!!! 5/9

Two days ago, The Tampa Tribune, via, reported that a young father by the name of Richard Anthony McTear Jr., kidnapped and killed his girlfriend's 3 month old son.

Along with a photograph of McTear, they reported the type of automobile he owned, his home address, and the address of where he was found. They also mentioned that he had an early criminal history (emphasis mine):
His first arrest on domestic violence charges came when he was 14, Davis said. Details on that case are unavailable because he was a juvenile.
But then, two days later, they fully report it:
The first Tampa police arrest against McTear came in November 2001, when he was 14. He was charged with misdemeanor battery-domestic violence. In that case, police said the Webb Middle School eighth-grader kicked and slapped his mother from the back seat of a vehicle.
They also reference the educational history of the infant's mother, Jasmine Bedwell (she and McTear went to the same school):
The Hillsborough County School District said Bedwell last attended Adams Middle School in 2005-06. Lillie Bedwell said her daughter has been working on getting her GED.
And additionally they take care to mention one more thing (which happened to be at the beginning of the first article)(emphasis mine):
Jasmine Bedwell, 17, started dating Richard Anthony McTear Jr. about 10 months ago, when she was pregnant with the child of another man, a man in prison.
All which leads me to question, was all of that necessary?

Oh, did you figure out that this story involves Black people?

I have been following an epidemic of men and fathers murdering their partners, ex-partners, and children (Justice's Posterous and Violence Against Women and Children News Central) and interestingly enough, only the media reports on Black families contain such details.

Most of the murders, suicides, and familicides for this year have involved White families. And most of those media reports talk about how "shocked" the community was...and how "average" or "honorable" the father once was...And they blame the murders on economic stress, depression, and whatnot.

I guess Black people are just naturally bad. White men have a variety of valid excuses.

These White men had no criminal history and great moral character...or so "they" say...But I am beginning to wonder if we had a chance to ask some of the [White] wives, girlfriends, mothers...what kind of picture would they paint?

I happen to be a little privy to the question that I just posed, because our group of BADASS bloggers are quite nifty with pulling the criminal records of some of these "upstanding" White men (very simple for Florida).

You know what we find?

Histories of domestic violence injunctions and shelter bills, child sex abuse and CPS investigations, rape charges...

Why don't these things get reported?

Because they are "allegations."

White men [with money] turn everything into false domestic violence, false child sex abuse, and false rape. They expend a lot of energy into this, creating nonprofit organizations and enlisting the support of the pseudoscience arena. I'm not saying that there aren't some innocent White men...

I'm just saying...the next time you hear about some attractive, church-going, football coach, Big Brother mentor, outstanding citizen...

The father-fueled media propaganda machine and academic bodies love to fixate on Black fatherless children, maybe we should be talking about the White fatherpresent ones.

I'm not sure if I should be clutchin my purse in the hood, or running away from the Boy Scout leader in the burbs.

See the Huffington Post article (4/18) on 5 People Found Dead In Maryland Home, comment:
Oh for the love of god stop blaming the economy for this crap. There are people who have lived in this country who have been way poorer than them for nearly a 100 years and they don't get any excuses for what they do. Whether it's joining games or drug dealing, everything they do is just them being thugs. These people kill their children and their spouses and it's not their fault, nope. It's the economy. Whatever.

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