Child Protective Services (CPS), Not Exactly

After reading Jennifer Collins' latest post, Child Protection Failed to Protect Holly Collins' Children, I have had yet another epiphany that I know many others have had before me:

CPS is best for taking children from Black and poor families, upon the outside suspicion that there is child abuse. Kinda like the Save the Children organization that helps little starving Black children in Africa. Instead of working with families, providing resources and support, CPS is notorious for stealing children from Black mothers....interesting because the children go to group homes, foster care, etc...and then money is paid to CPS and to the new "family"...MONEY...that same money that could have aided the child in his/her original family. Not to mention that after the theft, the children are put on psychotropic meds (mo' money), counseling (mo' money) and its all downhill from there (mo' money).

But when people...mothers....mainly White intrafamilial abuse...child sex abuse/incest...CPS suddenly takes little interest (reminiscent of NCMEC)....they can't substantiate a damn thing...their hands are tied...
Dear Ms. Collins,

This is to inform you that I have completed my Child Protection Assessment and no finding of maltreatment is being made. That does not mean that maltreatment did not occur. It does mean that I have not found maltreatment.
They tell the mothers to protect their is a mother's duty...but when that mother seeks their assistance, CPS turns its back.

I suppose they are as much "for the children" as child support is...both are government agencies...

This doesn't apply in all situations...but the trend is overwhelming.