Children with Behavioral Problems from Fatherless Homes

Children exposed to maternal Intimate Partner Violence, without experiencing child maltreatment, were 40% more likely to have a total behavioral problem score within the borderline to clinical range than CBCL normative children.

Mary A. Kernic et al., Behavioral Problems Among Children Whose Mothers are Abused by an Intimate Partner, 27 Child Abuse & Neglect 1231 at 1239 (2003). See also Family Violence Prevention Fund, The Facts on Children and Domestic Violence, (2005), available at (Aug 1, 2005).

These children weren't even touched. They were only witnesses.

Now consider that these children witnessed this violence at that hands of their father against their mother.

Now consider, that this father is no longer a part of the "family." This would make a "fatherless" home.

The father is absent, and yet the effects of his presence still linger on...

How do we correct the children's behavioral problems?

Joint custody?

Shared parenting?

I don't think so.