CNN Finally Addresses Father Killing Sprees


For some of us, CNN is the official news source, meaning, it ain't even important, unless we see in on CNN! So many murders, murder-suicides, and familicides have taken place since 2009 began, but few of them have made it to CNN headlines.

Many local news sources have made trivial attempts at explaining the deaths and the perpetrators' motivations. There have been maybe one or two great articles that do not site the economy exclusively (See 52 Days of Domestic Violence Flu), because it's not really the economy, but rather the thinking that prevails in a paternalistic society like ours. (See The Murder Suicide Epidemic: Larger Longitude Study Debunks "Mother Killer Myth" and, Family Annihilations, Murder-Suicides: Warning Signs Go Unheeded Because We Normalize Them and, Join Up the Dots)

This front page article on CNN (as of 10pm 5/19), Despondent dads driven to kill loved ones, presents multiple reasons behind why these fathers choose to murder. The economy is cited as a stressor, but at least it doesn't overpower the fact that murder is still a choice that is being made by those thirsty for power and control. The two reasons cited are "revenge" and "despondency."

Mental health was also cited as a factor (as usual):
Case Western researchers found that more than three-fourths of the offenders in 30 murder-suicides in the Cleveland, Ohio, area had signs of mental illness. Half of the men had borderline personality disorders, which trigger significant mood upheavals, impulsiveness and feelings of worthlessness.
So, now that this information has been provided, what are we going to do with it?

I'll warn you, CNN, that you may get some hate mail/emails/phone calls and a nasty campaign from fathers' rights groups in the near future for posting this article (like Lifetime Network and the DART bus ads). They will say that you are doing fathers a disservice, and that not all men are violent, and that this piece is misandrist, and that you have been infiltrated by the feminazis that also took over the family court...never mind the fact that many women, children and a few innocent men are dead and continue to die almost weekly, never mind that you are not talking about ALL men, never mind that this society spends all of its time talking about this and that bad mother (and when men abuse, women are "failing to protect"), never mind that society remains intent on using the field of psychology to exclusively label and punish women/mothers (the Mother's Act, Parental Alienation), never mind that those who control the media outlets are men.

And I ask again, now that this information has been provided, what are we going to do with it? More will die next week. More restraining orders will be ignored, more judges will disregard the law, more psychologists will violate ethics...What are we going to do?

I just noticed that CNN's Father-Killer Timeline, to which I linked above, is utterly inadequate. Please visit Violence Against Women and Children News Central, Intimate and Domestic Violence in the News, Violent Angry Men, and Chaos Theory's murder-suicide map for more accurate accounts of the 2009 murders.

Also read great comments on Shakesville!:
Also, it's telling that you don't see nearly as many mentally ill women killing their spouses for reasons not related to domestic violence. If mental illness were the sole reason men so often kill their wives and children, mentally ill women would be doing it, too. Instead they usually hurt themselves or, sometimes, their children...