Dads On the Air (DOTA) Makes Online Death Threat to Father's Rights Whistleblower

UPDATED!!!! 5/4

Previously, the Behind the Blue Wall blogger was threatened by an officer at Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office. And now the blogger at Exposing the Untold Truths of Family Law WebGuide comes forward:
"Oh yeah, one last point, they made it personal, not me, and if I ever find out who they are they are dead..... Thats a threat ETT.... better do something about it
Very Happy no wonder they remain anonymous....... f**kin yellow coward"
I have said several times now that what we do involves a lot of risk. That's how it is when you start telling the truth. We do this for the children and all the mothers who have lost custody to abusers.

The FLWG guys are onto you and we are waiting for legal advice among other things we are looking into. Take this slander down and we will persue you no more. We have connections that you don't want to know about and they are not within law.
Lock your doors and windows. Warned.