Does Anything Last These Days?


Well, another Hollywood marriage ends in divorce. NAS and Kelis divorce.

According to Vibe, a pregnant Kelis is divorcing NAS.

I love both of them. Both of them had intelligent, thought-provoking, empowering lyrics.

This isn't a time for hatred or trying to figure out anything. It's over and they have made this decision during a very interesting time period, but I assume it is for the best. I just hope Kelis doesn't join the ranks of mothers fighting for, or to keep, custody because of some power-trippin egomaniac.

Kelis, love yourself and love the hell out of your unborn. It is a bond that begins now and lasts for eternity. Incomparable.

Caught Out There - Kelis

K-I-SS-I-N-G - Nas


Well, according to RapRadar, my assumption from above, is apparently correct:
Miss Milkshake is fed up with this QB dude's verbally abusive and cheating ways.
But we know most people will find a way to blame it on Kelis because that's how people do in a woman-hating society.

But I found this comment of note:
i read his ex girls book. she dishes out all the dirt on him. he seems to be nice but in her book she said how he was abusive and cheated alot. so kelis should of know you cant teach an old dog new tricks
Same ol shit, huh?

I really wish people would stop encouraging women to stay with abusive men--abusive, in any sort. The fact that she is pregnant is all the more reason that we should respect her decision to part ways. In many relationships, abuse (and infidelity)
begin during the first pregnancy.

Think about it ladies. Reflect.

We always hold women accountable for what happens to her children. Let Kelis make choices for herself and let us stop holding double standards and confusing women, which is further disabling us all.
NAS and Kelis divorce.