Family Court Judges and Domestic Violence

Judge George Parker of Indiana was removed from the bench in 2007 for inappropriate conduct:
Parker was charged with 31 counts he acted inappropriately on the bench, including requiring a victim of domestic violence be photographed and riding along on an arrest on a case he would later hear.
He was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder and did the whole counseling thing.

Now, he wants to start practicing again.

On the other hand, we have Judge Geoffrey Cohen of Broward County, Florida (notably the most corrupt county in the state) who was asked to step down and recuse himself because of his ties:
he had donated money in 2006 to Women in Distress of Broward County, and earlier this year had served on the group's judicial and legal council.
He will remain on cases.

There is something very wrong with these pictures.

First of all, isn't every judge supposed to have training in domestic violence? Yeah, I know they get by with mediocre information, probably provided to them by the AFCC...but still.

With this family court crisis going on in which abusive men are getting unsupervised visitation and custody of their children, it is extremely important that these judges are sensitive to these issues and ruling according to the law, which should place safety first.

If a judge has donated to a domestic violence agency AND participated in events, I say he/she stands as an example in this society. He/she is not just performing lip service.

However, as many judges are known to ignore and/or disregard domestic violence, causing the psychological and physical harm of many women and children, to allow a judge that has violated ethics to return to the bench, is ludicrous.