I Don't Think I've Ever Heard a Judge Tell the Truth. Thank you, Judge Sotomayor!

And so the attacks have begun against Judge Sotomayor...

..But those of you in the majority that are opposing this nomination must remember, we as people of color, and women, have gone through bullshit like this most of our lives. So your pettiness is yet another minor roadblock. We grow stronger.

The statements made by Sotomayor in this video compilation are the most honest statements I've ever heard by any official--especially a judge. She is 100% correct. We are who we are and we do what we do as a product of our experiences. If there were such a thing as impartiality, the judges these days have never heard of it. They don't even rule according to the law. They participate in conferences, trainings, and seminars that reflect utter bias and impropriety, violating judicial ethics but being judged by their peers who are members of the same colluding body.

Let us finally have some representation that does not mirror the White man's views. I thought we were waiting for a change. Here she is.