Judges Don't Know Best Interest Any More Than A Dog Knows His Own Tail

Or maybe I'm not giving dogs enough credit?

Remember the North Carolinian mom involved in a family court case in which the ex-husband did not want the children to continue to be homeschooled?:
"These kids are doing well," she said Thursday. "That's why it's such an injustice. It was an injustice for the kids."

Venessa Mills and her supporters also counter that Thomas was a bad parent who committed adultery. In an affidavit, Thomas Mills admits to having an affair.

"He wants to bring attention to home schooling to put less attention on his adulterous affair," said Robyn Williams, a friend of Venessa's who set up a Web site, to publicize the case.
Wake District Court Judge Ned Mangum told her they'd be better served in public school. Wonder if he still thinks that with schools shutting down left and right because of this swine flu?
The swine flu epidemic entered a dangerous new phase Monday as the death toll climbed in Mexico and the number of suspected cases there and in the United States nearly doubled.

California and Texas confirmed new cases, and New Jersey and North Carolina joined the growing list of states with suspected swine flu cases.
Judge Ned Mangum=swine of the year.

Or am I denigrating pigs?