Love Your Mommy Body

I have come across a website that I happened to have seen months ago, but forgot about.

The Shape of a Mother is a phenomenal website on which mothers submit images of their bodies. Many women have issues with their self-esteem when comparing their pre-pregnant selves to their current mommy bodies. With all of the images we have in media about what women's bodies should look like, many beat themselves wanting that picture perfection.

I bear the signs of motherhood on my breasts, abdomen, butt, and legs and have often sought to ensure that those areas are covered at all times. I have described myself as a zebra. For me, it was never really about comparing myself to anyone in a magazine or on tv, but more so remembering how it, I, used to be.

Let it go.

It's really not that serious.

I am a mommy. Nothing will ever change that. I became what I was supposed to be. My body was a home that provided everything it could have. It is perfection.