Men Doing Good Things: Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association

I often highlight bad judges, lawyers, Guardians Ad Litem, and etc. But this time, I will put the spotlight on men who are our allies.

Men’s group in protest against domestic violence

By Stabroek staff | April 30, 2009 in Local News

With the growing increase in domestic violence, mostly being committed against women, a group of men joined the many voices in condemning the scourge by mounting a silent protest yesterday outside the High Court on Avenue of the Republic.

Men employed with the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association (GRPA) and members of its male youth arms, Men Of Purpose (MOP) and Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM), joined hands in their effort to highlight the message denouncing domestic violence which has been on the increase in recent times.

Flanked by two banners which read ‘Men Standing up Against Domestic Violence’ and ‘Men Joining Hands Against Domestic Violence’, the group stood for half an hour outside the court in an effort to get the message over to men that violence against womenfolk is not the way to go...