A Mother's Day IS Every Day

I have been a mother since before me and my child pushed together to present to the world. Motherhood began the day I found out I was pregnant and motherhood never ends.

Only mom is necessary, others are handy...though sometimes not.

My best gift to my child is being the best mother I can imagine myself being. I borrow a little from my mom and grandma, a little from a magazine or two, a little from other literature, some things on t.v...I can't ever be all or know all.

One of the most interesting things about being a mother is, I never consider myself otherwise. All of my actions are out of consciousness of being a mother. So, I'd like to list things that make a mother a mother:

  • When you don't have time to acknowledge that you're sick because the kids are sick
  • When you have to clean up shit AND barf
  • When you are starving and tired but you fix your plate last
  • When you're poor and starving but you decide you're not hungry so that the kids can eat a good meal
  • When you wear the same couple of outfits but the kids have an array of stylish gear
  • When your hair is all over but your kid's is finely parted and braided
  • When you use your spare change for the darn book fair or book order magazines
  • When you learn how to play sports you've never been interested in
  • When you spend time at the bookstore with the kids because you don't have enough to purchase, and you owe a lot of library fines (LMFAO)