The Office of Child Support Enforcement Wants to Promote Both Agreed Upon Child Support Orders and Custody and Visitation Orders

I once thought the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE, CSE) was about collecting money for children that weren't being supported by their "absent" parents. Once I entered the system, I personally found out that that wasn't the whole truth.

Upon digging a little further, I have realized that CSE has many other ulterior motives--public knowledge, but unbeknownst to ordinary, tax-paying people.

Here's one of their grant programs (emphasis mine):

Funding Opportunity Title:

Section 1115 Demonstration Grants--Projects that Provide Family-Centered Services for Unwed Parents in the IV-D Caseload

OCSE invites eligible applicants to propose projects that promote both agreed upon child support orders and custody and visitation orders for unwed parents. Grantees are encouraged to work with the existing access and visitation programs in their jurisdictions.

...OCSE also envisions projects that provide parents with the opportunity to agree upon an amount of child support, (while addressing their State's child support guidelines), that the noncustodial parent can reasonably be expected to pay and the custodial parent can then reasonably rely upon receiving.

...On or about the same time the child support order is being negotiated, parents would also meet with parenting plan coordinators, custody and visitation experts, or other professionals, as identified by the grantee, to reach an agreement on parenting roles, visitation and custody.

...Projects are required to address both the financial and emotional responsibilities and will need to track child support outcomes, cost/benefit and visitation outcomes. The purpose of the grant is to demonstrate the impact of providing child support and custody and visitation orders on or about the same time on collections, enforcement actions and adversarial proceedings.

And so, perhaps we all thought that CSE was supposed to enforce (and collect) child support...But I bet you didn't know that they simultaneously waddle in child custody/visitation issues and are apparently profiteering from access/visitation centers and the host of parasites that flood the family court system: Guardians ad Litem (GAL) and others in the field of psychology (aka Whores of the Court).

"Agreed upon" child support means that the custodial parent is willing to receive less than what the guidelines say that the child is entitled to. And of course if you "agree" upon this based on a simultaneous visitation order, the noncustodial parent can basically bargain his way out of paying you a dime, all in the name of "access."

Ever walk into your local Child Support Enforcement office, broke, and homeless, but intent on (or forced to because of TANF, foodstamps, or Medicaid) collecting money from your babydaddy that you haven't seen in years...and all of a sudden, he wants custody of the child.........???????????