Pre-School Children Need Their Mothers

Separating a pre-school aged child from his/her primary caretaking, nurturing mother may be detrimental to peer friendship formation. See How Do Secure Mother-child Attachments Predict Good Friendships? in Science Daily.
"In a secure, emotionally open mother-child relationship, children develop a more positive, less biased understanding of others, which then promotes more positive friendships during the early school years," said Nancy McElwain, a U of I assistant professor of human and community development and lead author of the study.
Children need their moms. Of course, most of us already knew, or assumed, this; but the on-going campaign led by father's supremacists seeks to obscure well-known literature produced by early childhood development professionals (and others) since the dawn of time.

Children cannot have secure, emotionally open relationships with their mothers when there has been a history of family abuse perpetrated by the father, nor when custody is split with that same father, or given entirely to the father.

This madness must end.