"But I Knew Him Like I Knew Him": Soul Mates [with a murderer]

William Wood Brown told his girlfriend and his son hypothetical things about killing himself and his ex-wife.

William Wood Brown killed himself and his ex-wife and his dogs are missing.

William Wood Brown seemingly had an amicable relationship with his ex-wife after the divorce. They had one of the most ridiculous custody arrangements of mother and father rotating in and out of one residence whilst the kids stayed put in that family home.

But William Wood Brown's ex-wife got restraining orders against him multiple times.

William Wood Brown has a small criminal record.

And William Wood Brown's girlfriend says,
"I guess I didn't know him like his family knew him. But I knew him like I knew him. He changed my life. We were soul mates."
I just don't know what to do to make second wives and girlfriends understand. Read the second half of this post.