Father and Murderer Leslie Schuler Didn't Want to be a "Visitor" to His Child Anymore

Seven year-old Nathaniel Turner will be taken off of life support following a brutal father's day beating by none other than his father. According to what I have gathered from the media, this case has many twists and turns--almost every one of them a relevant issue that I continuously write about...It is all very confusing but I'll try to sort it out.

Father Leslie Schuler was an absent father who paid child support when he felt like it.

There was a paternity test--don't know if the father initiated, or perhaps the mother was on government assistance and thus the Child Support Office would have surely gone after their money the money due to the child. After paternity was established, a child support order was issued.

At some time, the mother, Alicia Taylor, asked for child support to be increased whilst simultaneously, father Leslie Schuler asked for visitation. No mention if perhaps the Child Support Office or the local fatherhood groups/program put this nonsense (asking for visitation) into the father's head (see The Purpose of Child Support Enforcement). And God knows how both the fatherhood groups and the Child Support Office target Black men. Oh, whoops, my bad, the Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) and the fatherhood groups ARE THE SAME THING!!! (see The Office of Child Support Enforcement Wants to Promoted Both Agreed Upon Child Support Orders and Visitation Orders)

The judge denied the child support increase request and also the visitation request because a Department of Revenue (DOR= Child Support) lawyer told the judge that the mother didn't have custody of the child. I have heard this same scenario repeated many times in my circles. Remember that when DOR comes into your case, you, the custodial parent, are no longer a party to what was originally your own case.

But the father didn't have the child at that time either. It seems that the Nathaniel had been with his grandmother in Alabama because the mother had "mental problems." Could her mental problems have been related not having enough money to support her history [of abuse] with the father of her child? I don't know. Just speculating.

However, the father does have a "lengthy criminal record."

But what does this mean?

According to the fresh U.S. Department of Justice Special Report: Practical Implications of Current Domestic Violence Research for Law Enforcement, Judges, and Prosecutors:
Most studies agree that the majority of domestic violence perpetrators that come to the attention of criminal justice or court authorities have a prior criminal history for a variety of nonviolent and violent offenses against males as well as females, and of a domestic or nondomestic nature.

...Similarly, 84.4 percent of men arrested for domestic violence in Massachusetts had
prior criminal records, averaging a little more than 13 prior charges (resulting from five to six arrests) — including four for property offenses, three for offenses against persons, three for major motor vehicle offenses, two for alcohol/drug offenses, one for public order violations, and 0.14 for sex offenses.
More eye opening, in light of the fact that many men are not charged or convicted (money and power) know, since "false allegations" are so prevalent:
Even if abusers have no prior arrest records, they may be known to local police..

Studies of abusers brought to court for protective orders find similarly high rates of criminal histories, ranging from slightly more than 70 percent in Texas to 80 percent in Massachusetts.
Anyway, moving forward, since most of the corruption is occurring with the law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors who don't give a damn about the report...

Of course DCF is covering its ass saying that they investigate people before they give them custody. When the hell did they start doing that? And obviously, absent father Leslie Schuler wasn't a part of this investigation.

And CPS won't comment on whether they were previously involved with the family. Well, of course they won't comment if there could be any possibility of negligence on their behalf. CPS, like DCF and DOR/CSE are all government entities.

Somehow, the grandmother is lead to believe that the father has court-ordered summer visitation with Nathaniel. She never sees an order, but want to be sure she is in compliance with the law. Grandmas don't want to be caught up in no shit (ask Eddy Curry's child's grandmother). BUT, somehow, no one from the court can find any order granting custody or visitation to the father. WTF?

And so, the father gets his wish to "meet the child and build a relationship," and while he is doing so, proceeds to emotionally and physically abuse his son Nathaniel who has ADD (which, by the way is an oh-so common condition that manifests itself during and after abuse). This ends in the father's day demise of the young boy.

Father Leslie Schuler is originally charged with assault and battery. Additionally, his girlfriend, Tiffany Hyman, is charged with the same for failing-to-protect. There goes that infamous woman-only charge again. Failure-to-protect.

Now I have read the comments on the article and they really paint girlfriend Tiffany out to be a monster accomplice. I MAJORLY disagree, based on the little bit on info that we have so far.

Tiffany is 28 years old. Is she a mother also? Does it matter? Was she responsible for this child? If so, who made her responsible? And is she legally responsible?

I know no one wants to hear the "maybe she was a victim of abuse, too" argument, because society is woman-blaming...but I have to present this to you:

  • Are we, as a society, saying that it is some random person's responsibility to protect other people?
  • Is it some random person's responsibility to protect someone just because that person is a child? Or disabled? Or what?
  • In which scenarios must we intervene? And who gets to decide if we properly intervened, or not?
  • What about the risk to ourselves?
  • Are we saying that every person is required by law to take on the hero/heroine/shero role given some specific or non-specific situation?
This is major!!!

Unless Tiffany participated in the beating, I think it is insane to hold her accountable. We could have had two dead human beings.

Why don't we hold Child Support, DCF and the legal system responsible?

And then, to top it off, bringing the child off of life support is now a public forum with the decision subject to a judge's approval. Is this necessary? Can't families make decisions for their own loved ones. The government fucked this whole thing up and now it wants end-of-life decision-making powers?

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Who's paying attention?