Fathers, You Should Probably Pick Someone Other than Nas to Represent You for Father's Day

"We deserve the love! Becuz (sic) we don't even expect it, we do what we do regardless! With no signs of a reward for it. We put up with everything, standing true to what's real and letting life take its course protecting our household, our woman, our children, our family. Shout out to my pops, a great man! Biggest shout to my son on the way! It's a GREAT DAY!"
Why does he sound like a 15 year old?

I have done a post on Nas and Kelis previously. I suspected something was suspicious when a couple decides to divorce before the baby even gets out. Domestic abuse often begins during pregnancy--not to mention homicide is the number one killer of pregnant women.
The hip-hop star is currently battling his estranged wife Kelis over their unborn baby, with the rap star last month urging a judge to deny his ex's request for spousal support and legal costs. The former couple is also warring over custody arrangements for the baby.
This sounds like a great father classic abuser.