Legislation to Help Deadbeat Dads Get Back in Control of Their Families
Senator Evan Bayh presented President Barack Obama with legislation that would help fathers who aren't involved to take responsibility...
Because, after all, you need laws to get you to do the "right" thing.

But why aren't they involved?
"Get them into a job so they can pay their child support. Get them cleaned up if they have an alcohol or drug problem so they can be a decent role model for their child," he added.
Because, after all, we do want them to address their "issues" first, before they start becoming involved with the kids.

But what's the incentive? (The media isn't reporting this part.)

Waive some or all of the child support arrears that are owed to the children, so the fathers can get a leg up.

But what happens to the children?

Well, they won't get the money that was owed to them, and then, they get to have a previous (or current) criminal in their lives as role models.

At least they'll have a father.

And the states will have more money...grant money from the Administration of Children and Families, no more welfare monies being distributed, and unlimited potential from the family court system.

Senator Bayh, you are brilliant!!!