Mothers Can't Win in a Patriarchal System--filled with "Custody Evaluators"

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The Double Bind for Mothers

The indifference to domestic violence demonstrated by some custody evaluators puts women in an impossible bind. Society holds mothers to an exacting standard with respect to protecting their children--throughout the country battered mothers are regularly prosecuted for neglect for "allowing" their children to witness domestic violence or for failing to seek an order of protection and leave the relationship. Others are prosecuted when they come to the authorities' attention because they have taken action. The upshot is that these mothers often lose their children to foster care. But battered mothers who report domestic violence in the context of custody cases are often ignored, accused of fabricating the abuse to deny fathers custody or visitation, categorized as "alienating" parents, or told the abuse has no bearing on custody decisions despite state laws requiring hat domestic violence be taken into account in determining custody and visitation rights. Often, the mothers lose their children to the batterers.

The paradox holds true for child sexual abuse cases as well. Mothers are regularly prosecuted for "allowing" husbands and boyfriends to sexually abuse their children. But mothers who report the abuse to social services of custody evaluators are also accused of fabricating the stories or "alienating" the child...

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Evaluating the Evaluators -

Get rid of psychology in the court room!!!! Please protect yourself from custody evaluators, especially those, like Janelle Burrill, Stephen Doyne, Susan Devries, and Barbara Fidler, who write books or Google their names to see who's telling the truth about them. Familiarize yourself with "the list." Read "The Focus of a Child Custody Evaluation." These evaluators have been through some type of personal trauma and are therefore utterly biased and using the field of psychology (popseudoscience) for retribution.

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