Ms Hyde Gives Her Opinion of Me Based on One Post

I have "stumbled upon" MsHyde, who has stated,

"Abused or not, you're still a sexist gender fascist."
Apparently, MsHyde aka Milla is a "tranny" (or maybe just tranny-friendly) "woman from Sheckaago, Illinois, USA." (those are not my words, so don't jump on my ass, again)

Milla is responding to a post I wrote nearly a year ago when I first began this site, Profile of My Abuser. It is one of my most frequently read posts as people internationally must be looking for characteristics of abusive persons.

I provided a brief description of my abuser with the best words I could utilize at that time. If MsHyde knew any fucking thing outside of this one post, she'd understand that I wouldn't be at the top of the list for being a "sexist gender fascist." But I'll excuse her ignorance on the account of her failing to read shit or getting to know me or the context from which I wrote the piece.

And not that it is any of Milla's fucking business, but I am writing from a heterosexual viewpoint in which I am fully indoctrinated in the privilege that comes along with it. I have no problem with admitting it if she doesn't mind checking herself in the comment section of my blog if she really wanted to school me or engage in meaningful dialog.

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