Scott Roeder's Ex-Wife Insisted on Custody of Their Son

I didn't feel the need to talk about Dr. Tiller's murder because everyone else already is...but I felt the same way about Rihanna and Chris Brown...and here I am.

Anyway, we know pro-life has nothing to do with life...and that movements like those are full of narrow-minded, hateful people inciting rage in each other, revving each other up like KKKlan and Sarah Palin rallies...violent sentiments waiting to be realized.

Look what "activist" Regina Dinwiddie had to say,

"If anybody needed killing, George Tiller needed killing. The gut reaction from everybody who doesn't have their thoughts filtered by fear is 'Yahoo!' "
Perhaps everyone isn't going around publicly acknowledging this sentiment...I suppose we can only judge them by their actions.

Scott Roeder's family had this to say:
"We are shocked, horrified and filled with sadness at the death of Dr. Tiller. We know Scott as a kind and loving son, brother and father who suffered from mental illness at various times in his life. However, none of us ever saw Scott as a person capable of or willing to take another person's life."
Of course. Mental illness..

A peer of his also commented that Roeder wasn't a "hard-line lunatic."

Does anyone ever say,
"Yeah, that was one crazy muthafucker from birth. We're not shocked. We knew one day he'd do some shit like this. He's been a killer in the making."

Yes. The answer is yes. There is usually someone who knows better than anyone else.

The ex-wife.
Roeder's ex-wife, Lindsey Roeder, said her husband became obsessed with anti-government theories and abortion in the early '90s and that it poisoned their 10-year marriage. The couple had one son and Lindsey Roeder told reporters Monday she insisted on custody because she feared for the child's safety.
But we never listen to the ex-wives...because they are crazy, vindictive, manipulative, unfaithful bitches, right?

I hope Lindsey and her son are doing well.

A must-read: Beware the Lone Nut Theory of Tiller's Murder

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