They Have Their Statistics, and then There is the Truth...Somewhere


37.8% of single mothers are divorced, 41% never married, and only 6.5%
widows. Brookings Institute, “Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Single Mothers”, Part 2, 3/22/04
Those weren't the stats I found. And even if these are correct, what are you implying? Look at the name of the study also--Are they referring to their percentage of mothers according to who has received welfare? That makes a big difference.

“The strongest predictor of whether a person will end up in prison, is that they were raised by a single parent”. C.C. Harper and S.S. McLanahan, “Father Absence and Youth Incarceration”, Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Assoc., San Francisco, CA, 1998

In 1996, 70% of inmates in state juvenile detention centers serving long sentences, were raised by single mothers. Wade Horn, “Why There Is No Substitute For Parents”, IMPRIMIS 26, NO.6, June, 1997

72% of juvenile murderers, and 60% of rapists came from single mother homes. Chuck Colson, “How Shall We Live?” Tyndale House , 2004, p.323

OMG. Not Wade Horn...LOL!!

That's not what I found:

Fact: Children growing up without a father in the home are many times more likely to have had a father who spent time in prison. That's why he was "absent".

[Statistics suck, don't they. In addition, according to a report in the New York Times, a study among 1,000 girls in detention in Alameda, Los Angeles, San Diego and Marin counties, revealed that 54 percent of their mothers and 46 percent of their fathers had been locked up, indicating that the greatest predictor of criminality in girls is having a parent who has been incarcerated. (Kind of bodes against all those fatherhood programs who want to inject criminals into the life of yet more kids, doesn't it.) ]

Fact: The most significant predictor of criminality is having a parent or other close relative who exhibits anti-social behavior or has been incarcerated.

DiLalla, L. F., & Gottesman, I. I. (1989). Heterogeneity of causes for delinquency and criminality: Lifespan perspectives. Development & Psychopathology, 1 (4), 339-349.

Fact: "Taking all the evidence together, marital discord has a stronger relation with delinquency and aggression than parental absence."

Loeber, R. and Stouthamer-Loeber, M. (1986) 'Family factors as correlated and predictors of juvenile conduct problems and delinquency', in: M. Tonry and N. Morris (Eds.) Crime and Justice: An Annual Review of Research, Vol.7, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, p. 77-78

Comment: "The single greatest predictor of who will wind up in prison is whether his father was in prison."

Ivins, Molly, column August 30, 2000, re Bureau of Justic Statistics, commenting on the astounding growth of the Texas prison population. [email protected]

Myth -- Juvenile delinquency is caused by "fatherlessness."

Fact: "Studies have shown repeatedly a consistent relationship between juvenile delinquency and large family size, marital disharmony, alcohol abuse in parents and overall social deprivation. A consistent relationship has also been shown with delayed reading age, below average scores on intelligence and achievement tests, conduct disorder of childhood and parental aggressive behaviour."

Kelly, Mary, Bernadette Mackey, and Michael Fitzgerald, A TEN-YEAR DESCRIPTIVE FOLLOW-UP STUDY OF 50 DELINQUENT BOYS, British Journal of Clinical and Social Psychiatry,April 1999, Vol. 10 (1999) , no.1

Propaganda in action -- Seventy percent of men currently incarcerated in prison grew up in a "fatherless home."

Fact: Seventy percent of men currently incarcerated in prison also are not "caucasion." (Would you also be implying that there is some kind of cause-and-effect relationship between skin color and proclivity for law-breaking? Or is it only politically correct these days to to bash women?)

Bureau of Justice Statistics 1994, Corrections Compendium, and The Sentencing Project.

70% of teen births occur to girls in single mother homes. David T. Lykken, “Reconstructing Fathers”, American Psychologist 55, 681,681, 2000
"Reconstructing Fathers"? You've got to be shitting me, LMAO!!!1

Try this:

Myth -- Adolescents (particularly girls) are significantly less likely to engage in premarital sex if they have a father living in the home.

Fact: "Growing up in single-parent, step-, cohabiting, or lesbian families has been suggested to have negative effects on adolescent sexual behavior. However, our analysis reveals that, with the exception of girls in single-parent families, family structure does not significantly influence adolescents' sexual initiation. Rather, the family context -- more specifically the mother-child relationship, their level of interaction, and the mother's attitudes toward and discussion of sex -- is associated with adolescent sexual debut. When looking at sexually active teenagers, neither family structure nor family context have an impact on the sexual partnerships of boys, and they explain little in terms of girl's sexual partnering."

Erin Calhoun Davis, Lisa V Friel (2001) Adolescent Sexuality: Disentangling the Effects of Family Structure and Family Context Journal of Marriage and Family 63 (3), 669-681.

Fact: "Those subjects who reported unwanted sexual experiences rated their fathers' and mothers' views of women as significantly more traditional than subjects who had not reported such experiences. These data suggest that parents' attitudes about gender roles may be related to vulnerability and lead to unwanted sexual experiences."

Neal, Cynthia J. and Michael W. Mangis, "Unwanted Sexual Experiences Among Christian College Women: Saying No on the Inside," Wheaton College

Propaganda -- Girls 15-19 raised in homes with fathers are significantly less likely to engage in premarital sex.

Fact: Girls 15-19 raised in homes with fathers are significantly more likely to become married as teenagers and to not complete college. In 1958 more teenage girls gave birth than in 1998. The only difference was that in 1958, most were married. (Where they getting married so young to make up for a lack of male attention?) The teen birth rate is now at its lowest point in half a century!

The National Center for Health Statistics, see

Fact: "Teenagers now account for 31% of all non-marital births, this number has decreased from 50% in 1970."

"Child Trends." see

Fact: "[O]ur findings indicate that the primary predictors of early intercourse among European American, predominantly rural teenagers are age, opportunity (steady dating), sexually permissive attitudes, association with delinquent peers, and alcohol use. Although other factors may have minor influences... the consequential predictors are opportunity, attitudes that fit societal views of sexuality... and other adult-like behaviors."

Les B Whitbeck; Kevin A Yoder; Dan R Hoyt; Rand D Conger; Early adolescent sexual activity: A developmental study Journal of Marriage and the Family; Minneapolis; Nov 1999

“After controlling for single motherhood, the difference between black and white crime rates disappeared.” Progressive Policy Institute, 1990, quoted by David Blankenhorn, “Fatherless America: Confronting Our Most Urgent Social Problem,” New York, Harper Perennial, 1996,p.31
David Blankenhorn? Please just stop!

Progressive Policy Institute? I'd have to an entire post on them and I don't have that much time right now.

So, if it weren't for single mothers, Black crimes and White crimes would be the same? NO NO NO. You can't control for single mothers without controlling for poverty and education and other forms of discrimination affecting families of color.

63% of all youth suicides,
70% of all teen pregnancies,
71% of all adolescent chemical/substance abusers,
80% of all prison inmates, and
90% of all homeless and runaway children, came from single mother homes.
Bob Ray Sanders, “Hey Y’all, Let’s Fill The Hall (Of Fame), Ft. Worth
Star Telegram, Oct.28,2007
Mona Charen, “More Good News Than Bad?”, Washington Times, Mar.16, 2001 (citing Bill Bennett, “The Index of Leading Cultural Indicators: American society at the end of the 20th Century., New York, Broadway Books, 1994)
Father studies. It appears that when fatherhood funds their research, the outcomes are all the same: blame the woman. Don't you even find it a little odd that fathers take ZERO responsibility in all of this? ZERO. I mean, come on!!!

  • If mothers are poor, couldn't it be the result of non-supporting fathers?
  • If children are delinquent, "suiciding", and otherwise fucked up, couldn't it be the result of genetics...acquired from the father? or even the father's presence at some point in time?
  • Aren't some children running away because of their [sexually abusing] fathers?
  • Aren't even some teens pregnant from their fathers?

Come on, not one OUNCE of responsibility, in one single father study, on fathers?

This, is what drivel is.

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