They're Your Kids, Be Their Dad and Pay Up: Child Support Head, Nicholas Soppa, Not Paying Child Support


They're Your Kids, Be Their Dad and Pay Up: Child Support Head, Nicholas Soppa, Not Paying Child "Family" Support

The Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE) is such a wonderful government office that serves our children courtesy of our tax dollars. Nationally, so many children would be in utter despair, in poverty, were it not for the diligent efforts of OCSE in pursing monies from noncustodial parents.

However, OCSE has morphed and extended its original interests. The child support collections aren't so much about the children as they are a means for the states to secure extra income for custody litigation and building supervised visitation centers for parents with violent, criminal histories.

Who is running these agencies? First, we have the lovely David Gray Ross of Maryland. Then, we have Nicholas Soppa...interestingly also of Maryland.
For information about the national Project Save Our Children task force, contact Nick Soppa at 202-401-4677 or [email protected] project manager
Our elected appointed officials are running game in our government offices. I know that's of no news to many of you, but agenda is bleeding all over the the name of "saving our children."

How is Nicholas Soppa saving our children?

I'm glad you asked.

Nicholas Soppa is on work-release and is spending his weekends in a Calvert County jail do I tell you this?...FAILURE TO PAY CHILD SUPPORT UNDISCLOSED REASONS (edited by moderator))!!!

Courtesy of the Calvert County Circuit Court, case #04C08001101

Defendant/Respondent Information

Party Type: Defendant
Party No.:1
Name: Soppa, Nicholas Henry
Address: 1368 Jordan Drive
City: Shady Side
Zip Code:20764
Address: 5071 MUDDY CREEK ROAD
City: West River
Zip Code:20778

Doc No./Seq No.: 32/0
File Date: 01/15/2009
Close Date:01/14/2009
Document Name: Pendente Lite Consent Order

ORDERED: Plaintiff and defendant are awarded joint legal custody of the minor children.

ORDERED: Plaintiff awarded primary residential custody and defendant has reasonable rights of visitation.

ORDERED: Defendant to pay $1406 a month for child support via wage withholding.

ORDERED: Defendant to pay any past due amounts and late fees on the first and second mortgages of the marital home as of January, 2009.

ORDERED: Beginning 2/1/09, defendant to pay plaintiff $1600 a month which she will use to assist with paying the monthly mortgage.

ORDERED: Defendant agrees to pay his monthly portion of the car insurance for the vehicles that are in his possession.

ORDERED: Defendant to maintain the current health insurance coverage for the children and the plaintiff and provide health cards.

ORDERED: The marital home will be listed for sale immediately, any repairs to be split equally.

ORDERED: Plaintiff shall have exclusive use and possision of the marital home until it is sold.

Doc No./Seq No.: 45/0
File Date: 05/19/2009
Close Date:
Document Name: Open Court Proceedings/Hearing Held

Plaintiff appeared with counsel. Defendant appeared pro se for hearing on petition for contempt. Defendant admits contempt. Deft to pay plaintiff $12,000 by 6/2/09. If deft fails to pay he is to report to CCDC at 12:00Noon to serve 30 ays sentence with work release. Review hearing set for 6/2/09 9am. No parties need to appear if $12,000 is paid. (Judge Krug - Spear Rep)#2

Doc No./Seq No.: 48/0
File Date: 06/02/2009
Close Date:Decision:
Document Name: Open Court Proceedings/Hearing Held

Plaintiff appeared with counsel. Defendant appeared w/o counsel for status review of contempt. Defendant to report to CCDC on Thursday 6/4/09 4pm to serve 30 day sentence if $12,000 not paid. Work Release Authorized (Judge Krug - Spear Rep)#2 Faxed to CCDC

Doc No./Seq No.: 54/0
File Date: 06/12/2009
Close Date:
Document Name: Pre-trial Conference

Defendant may be released on 06/14/09 at 6:30 p.m. and the balance of the sentence may be served on weekends (Friday at 6:30 p.m. to Sunday at 6:30 p.m.) beginning 06/19/09.

Isn't this admirable? This surely teaches the children a great lesson and sets a great example for the millions of men that are sooooo fucked by the nasty feminist court system.

Oh, but wait a are running the court system...and the government offices. And this is who we have meddling in our business, changing child support rules and procedures.

Access/visitation is all about eliminating child support via joint custody and custody switching orders, and making money from continuous litigation. Your tax dollars, hard at work.