Canada, Child Custody, and the Shared Parenting Fail

Canada has been hot spot between fraudulent parental alienation theorists and pedophiles because it is the supposed liberal land. It is always being used an example for a variety of matters on child custody. For example, shared parenting in Australia is failing and they are considering enacting a more "Canadian" model.

It is said that in Canada, the family court system rules based on whatever parenting arrangements were in place while the family was intact. They presume that it is in children's best interest to try to continue the previous pattern of caretaking. Makes sense. Any early childhood educators and developmental scientists would agree. However, this has all the shared-parenting/fathers' rights people enraged. (see Father Involvement)

The shared-parenting proponents and the vocal minority of father's rights groups are best known for privileging child contact over safety and creating a hype about a war against fathers--a war, that doesn't exist. And they do it by making statements like this:
In Canada judges order maternal custody in over 90% of cases. They offer breadcrumbs to dads through the use of a legal fiction called joint custody but physical custody goes to mom who rules...judges still award maternal custody in a 9-1 ratio to moms.
This depiction would make it seem like fathers are getting beaten by a system that is "robbing" them of their children. However, a critical analysis would reveal that most men accept maternal care arrangements not only because that is the way it has always been [within their own households], but also because they benefit from it. (see Shared Parenting Lies)

Look at it another way: Most child custody arrangements and divorces are settled amicably, and without the assistance of the court (80%-90%?). How then, is there a "war" in which women are "awarded" child custody most of the time? It is like saying there is a war against able-bodied persons who want to use scooters. (see Fathers Pretend About Caretaking Responsibilities in Joint Custody)

The law does not need to balance the gender difference in child custody. This isn't affirmative action. The supposed disadvantage that fathers have been at has allowed them to hold all of the positions of power, namely economic. Fathers, individually need to change their behaviors so that they are [more] involved in child caretaking responsibilities. But first, we may want to address this:

The Role of Fathers in Risk for Physical Child Abuse and Neglect: Possible Pathways and Unanswered Questions:
"In one of the first studies directly examining fathers’ involvement and child neglect risk, Dubowitz et al. (2000) reported that fathers’ greater direct involvement with child care was positively linked with higher child neglect risk...

fathers, as well as father figures, are highly overrepresented as perpetrators of physical child abuse, particularly in its most severe forms ...

Given that fathers provide, on the whole, substantially less direct child care than mothers (Margolin, 1992; Yeung, Sandberg, Davis-Kean, & Hofferth, 2001), these proportions of fathers and possible father surrogates as perpetrators of severe child abuse appear as rather startling.