Single Mothers, Absent Fathers, Pirates, Global Warming and All in Between

In 2009, I can't believe people are still making the argument that single motherhood causes most of the societal ills, namely high crime rates and teen pregnancy. Have we still not acquired any critical thinking skills along this journey? What about the millions of dollars grant money from DHHS to study all of these problems? How many years do they need in order to figure out the answers?

In this article, it says that 1 in 7 girls at a certain high school in Chicago, are getting pregnant. The principal in this school states,
"It can be a lot of things that are happening in the home or not happening in the home, if you will. Absentee fathers are another factor."
Is that the best answer that he could come up with?

How, exactly, are absentee fathers contributing to this rate of teen pregnancy?

No, I'm serious, I really need someone to explain to me how NOT having a father allows for a teenage girl to get pregnant.....or better yet, maybe you should first detail what, exactly, is an "absentee father"?

I don't have a link to the following information, but it was provided by my favorite rape-apologist, Paul Clements:
"(I)n a recent study by the Baltimore-based Annie E. Casey Foundation. Comparing statistics for its Kids Count report, the organization reported that Detroit ranks No.1 in unmarried births among the nation's 50 largest cities. Of the 16,729 babies born in Detroit in 1997, 13,574 were black, 1,679 were white and 817 were Hispanic. Seventy-one percent were born to unmarried mothers. This compared with a state average of 33 percent and a 50-city average of 43 percent."

Detroit is the worst offender on our list of America's most dangerous cities, thanks to a staggering rate of 1,220 violent crimes committed per 100,000 "

So what does this prove?...that black people have more babies in Detroit?...that if 71% of the babies were born to unmarried mothers, that 71% were also born to unmarried fathers?...or does this include fathers who are already married but are having extramarital children with women whom they cannot dually marry?...does this mean that the father is absent just because the mother is unmarried?...or are the mother and father together, without a state-certified marriage?

And what does all of this have to do with the crime rate?...does this prove that since Blacks are having the most babies, they are causing the most crime?...are the children of most unmarried mothers, criminals?

Single mothers cause higher crime rates?
Absent fathers cause higher crime rates?
Unmarried parents cause higher crime rates?


Higher crime rates cause single motherhood?
Higher crime rates cause absent fatherhood?
Higher crime rates cause parents to be unmarried?


Poverty is the cause single motherhood and/or higher crime rates?
Lack of education is the cause of single motherhood and/or higher crime rates?
Absent fathers are the cause of single motherhood and those same fathers are responsible for the higher crime rate, which is why they are absent?


Higher crimes rates causes single motherhood and single motherhood, in turn, causes higher crime rates?


Are pirates decreasing, which is resulting in global warming?