Canadian Blogger Attempts to Shift Focus from Father's Rights Hate Incitement

In a classic attempt to shift the focus, a Canadian father's rights blogger, Mike Murphy, "outs" a website called MISS because:
They use the information leeched from other blogs and web publish libelous material that has criminal overtones.
The MISS website utilizes information publicly posted on the internet to compile "biographies" about the most vocal players in the father's rights movement. Yet, instead of soliciting his audience to question the information that is presented, Mike Murphy uses personal attacks and distortion to rouse his followers:
The fringe lunatic group called anonymums are up to their old games again with a new hate site but they are now going beyond the bounds of their other dim bulb men's hate sites and into the realm of criminal hate and civil libel.
The oldest trick in the book is to call into question the mental status of a woman (since he can't use the "she's a slut" tactic). In this way she cannot be seen as valid opponent because the attention has been deflected from information that is indeed factual:
It is my belief the person doing this may be suffering from a serious personality disorder and it is of concern...This is, I believe, a female who belongs to a group on the lunatic fringe of mothers who have lost custody of their children and some of whom have serious personality disorders based on the hate sites against men they operate.
Has he attempted to verify or dispute the accuracy of the information?:
Please note one of the people this woman has slandered is an American Judge and I will forward my information to him in case he wishes to have the FBI investigate.
Upon a simple Google search, it becomes evident that none of this information is slander when it originates from documents not created by the website's authors.

Mike Murphy also attempts to silence the MISS site:
I have sent the following off to the Australian Federal Police, the ISP of the cyber stalker from Melbourne in OZ, shown below and will follow up with a legal letter to Wordpress the owners of the blogs.
This is not new. Mike Murphy does have a history of publishing what he believes to be his opponent's IP addresses and other sensitive information. Coincidentally, he has also done the similar things to his ex-wife--information which also can be found throughout the internet, courtesy of him. The only thing that has been found to be criminal, are the actual actions of Mike Murphy and the others listed on the MISS website.

If Mike Murphy is successful in his quest, we must wonder--if our own actions can constitute libel, if someone else puts it on display, then how will there ever be any transparency or consequences for unethical behaviors?

What kind of politics is this?

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