I Guess David Had Extra Time on His Hands After Jacking Off Today

David Nov 19, 2009 3:06:00 AM

I stumbled onto this site, and i see yet another extreme moronic point of view that all women are good, loyal, sweet spouses, and men are evil. Try spelling the word correctly it is not menz you tyrant. The real truth is that men and women probably share half the blame in the overall incidence of divorce. It was recently published by one of the women's magazines, that surveyed women that could remain anonymous that they actually have more extramarital affairs/partners once they start. I assume your answer to this is because the man was not satisfying her sexually :) You are really quite pathetic. Humans are imperfect whether male or female, cop a clue gurl, i mean girlie.

You read this ONE post, David, and decided that I espouse the view "that all women are good, loyal, sweet spouses, and men are evil"? WTF ever!

And I WISH I were a tyrant, then I would have power, wouldn't I?

This post was in response to your fellow men-folk repeatedly claiming, as their defense (defense of what?), that women initiate more divorce than men. It was just a simple explanation. The truth is, I don't really give a fuck who initiates it--only that it is available to those in need. That men and women share half the blame is irrelevant because it is unique to the individual circumstance. What was the cause of the divorce?

Contrary to popular belief, I don't believe that people are meant to marry once and live happily ever after. They can and some do.

Regarding women and extramarital affairs, some magazine published a survey? Ooooooooo. You know a lot of magazines have surveys in each publication? So what? A lot of women fake orgasm, too, because more than half of women do NOT achieve orgasm with men during intercourse.

Which brings me to your next crap, which you actually happen to be correct about. Men aren't pleasing women, which is obvious by the statement in the previous paragraph. Many women consider sex with their husband, a chore. Survey that!

If I'm so pathetic, what does that make you for commenting on this site? Thanks for visiting!