The Shared Care Debate in Australia: How to Misrepresent Everything

The Fathers for Equality Australia group is understandably upset about all the negative press shared parenting in Australia is getting, especially on account of writers like Caroline Overington and Adele Horin. Let's look at a few of their gripes:
Barbara Biggs, a toxic extremist who promotes the idea that men on the whole are sexual predators and inherently violent, and cannot be trusted in the care of their children.
Is this really true?..that Biggs has stated that most men are sexual predators that can't be trusted?

It is true, and not a stereotype, that most sexual predators are men, and that those men should not be trusted around any children.

Which brings me to this question: Of the men in prison, or that have been in prison, for sexual abuse or related charges, on the whole, are these men fathers, or not? If they are, what kind of access do they have to their biological children?
there is an overwhelming amount of credible research to debunk these stereotypes of men...
What stereotypes? That men are doing the family killings, that most sexual predators are men based on statistics.
For example, recent research from the WA Department of Child Protection (amongst others) has shown that up to 80% of all child abuse occurs in single mother households
There is so much more to this statement that has also been debunked. See When Men and Women Abuse Children and Do Mothers Commit More Abuse than Fathers and Mother vs. Father Child Abuse and, go check out Dastardly Dads.
...research from the Australian Institute of Criminology (amongst others) has shown that family violence is instigated equally by both men and women
Instigated? Instigated? I think we need to visit Intimate and Domestic Violence Homicides in the News.
a report from Childline in the UK has reported the skyrocketing of allegations by children against women for sexual abuse
I haven't come across this one. What children? Their own children? What age? Specifics, please.
an article in the Wall Street Journal has reported on a German study highlighting the neurological damage caused to children who are raised without the ongoing presence of a father.
I hope they aren't referring to the story about the Degus. And you've got to be kidding me, neurological damage?!!! What about grandparent families? Gay families? Was the study controlled for income, race...???
Further articles have highlighted the recent national poll in Canada showing 80% support for the replacement of their sole-custody family law model with shared care family laws...
Who participated in this "national poll"?

The real problem with this is the lack of definition of "shared care." This is purposeful, even in their article title. Everyone believes in shared care, yes, even Canadians--care that should be shared between, or among people who are responsible for the children. This has nothing to do with joint custody, 50/50 splits or any other nonsense that involves ripping a child from home-to-home to appease the needs of the parents.
When one was to view all the research in this area on the whole, the conclusion is unmistakable. That there is a foundation of research and broad recognition within the community that sole custody laws are bad for children, and that shared care on the whole is in the best interests of children.
They got one thing right, the conclusion is unmistakable: There is no one-size fits all approach to children. But many children will continue to be harmed by those that misrepresent data to fit their own interests.