Why Parental Alienation Must Go Into the DSM


The parental alienation [syndrome] theorists are fighting hard for its inclusion in the new Diagnostic and Statistic Manual for psychiatry. This makes sense because if it is then considered a valid disorder, the following things can happen:

1. "Treatment" at centers like the Rachel Foundation in Texas and Dr. Randy Rand's center in California can be covered by insurance. ("A week at the workshop costs about US$40,000.")

2. Medication can be prescribed to both the offending parent and the child and offered to the court as evidence of malignancy and parental deficiency.

3. "Research" can be funded for experimentation and "cures" for the expansion of the diagnosis.


Ethical violations are abundant in parental alienation treatment protocol and the "professionals" involved have questionable behaviors:

The Rachel Foundation has been under a lawsuit.

Dr. Randy Rand has complaints against his license. One more strike and he's out (like Dr. Michael Bone of Florida).

"Treatment" centers will spring up left and right:

Like many supervised visitation centers, they will be funded by government grant money.

Grant money for other programs, like fatherhood programs, comes from your tax dollars, and has little-to-no oversight and NO proven efficacy.

Further money will be poured into "research" for "cures" which will fund the same people pushing the theory.

There are no conclusive tests to determine if a child is suffering from parental alienation. A parental alienation accusation can mask ANY other disorder or complaint, including domestic and sexual abuse. Parental alienation theorists are not trained in accurate domestic violence assessment and treatment (they are trained d.v. parity), leaving the accused parent to hire his/her own specialist to refute the claim.

So we are left to wonder, who really profits from the inclusion of parental alienation into the DSM?

Insurance companies
Big Pharma
Doctors and other licensed "professionals"

What about the children?

Do we need more children being forced into treatments? Being forced into certain treatment centers? Being forced onto psychotropic meds?