Christmas "Feel Good" Story, International Scandal, Unanswered Questions


Did not this Sean Goldman case happen at the right time? During this dearly celebrated, holy Christmas season, an American father was reunited with his abducted child. But for some reason, the information put forth in this story smells odd...and I do say "put forth" because we can never know the truth, particularly in a situation like this--where the American media and government have so much power.

Let's start with the abduction/kidnapping.
Abduct: to carry off or lead away (a person) illegally and in secret or by force, esp. to kidnap.

Kidnap: to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud, esp. for use as a hostage or to extract ransom.
So, most media outlets continue to report that the mother, Bruna Bianchi, kidnapped her son from his father, David Goldman. Except most kidnappings don't looks like this, instead, they look more like this:

One could consider that Bruna Bianchi was indeed taking her child to Brazil in secret, or fraudulently because they say she told David Goldman that she was only visiting Brazil. Most kidnappers though do not report their intentions as far as destination is concerned. As far as has been reported, Mr. Goldman has known the location of his son from day one. The mother returned to her country of origin. The child has not been missing.

Why did David Goldman not go retrieve his son?

Why did David Goldman not relocate to Brazil to be with his son?

Why did Bruna Bianchi leave this great man, David Goldman, behind, in the dark, with no opportunity to redeem himself or the situation?

What was the situation?

All we have is a bunch of speculation and hyped up commentary intertwined with political soundbites.

We will never know the answer to most questions because Bruna Bianchi is dead. Her story will remain untold and she will never be heard, unless she left a diary. This is a particularly exploitable situation.

But what about this 9 year old child, Sean Goldman? He has lost his mother and has been uprooted from his known location and family in the name of father's rights. This is about father's rights because it clearly has nothing to do with the best interest of the child or children's rights.


Because it seems that no one asked the child anything. He is only 9. Does a 9 year old have any say so about his life?

People are making judgments based on an American value system. How do they handle things in Brazil? Upon the death of a biological parent, does the other parent biological parent automatically assume legal and physical care of their child?

The Hague Convention, among other things, allows the United States to bully other countries. I use the word bullying because it places the U.S. in a position of power against any other country, and the American value system is the one that is enforced as the standard. We are right, therefore they must be wrong. But bullying is not even a strong enough word because actual sanctions can be put in place against countries who do not abide by the agreement. Which is why in the "kidnapping" case involving the mother, Noriko Savoie, who fled to Japan (her native country) with her children, the Japanese didn't seem to give a damn because they are not signatory to the Convention...which also allows the Japanese to preserve their own value system while simultaneously allowing American's to continue to vilify the Japanese with a Two Minutes Hate campaign.

This entire Sean Goldman story has been a feel good case for people who believe that good things always happen to good people. It has become a fiasco of some sorts--evidence of American sensationalism and the power and control inherent in a nation with vast economic resources. A Two Minute Hate campaign has been in full effect against Brazil which allows American's comfort in knowing that they are indeed superior to all other nations. Brazilians, at least the ones who matter to Sean Goldman, have been silenced.

Where does the future lie for Sean Goldman? For now, something like a reality show: Insane media coverage and a $90,000 plane ride with exclusive rights to a certain t.v. network. Maybe a series will become of it....nah, doubtful because shall anything negative occur with this young boy we will surely never hear of it. I mean, look at the smile plastered on his face...with those shades covering his eyes. The eyes never lie....

And David Goldman gets to be a father now, under some very challenging circumstances. He will have some more battles in the future, although they won't pertain to child custody. If he holds to his claim of parental alienation (that his son has been parentally alienated by his Brazilian family), it will make Sean Goldman's transition less merry. The remedy for parental alienation, according to those who purport it, is complete isolation of the child, from the "alienators." And after the father-bonding has be re-established, the relationship with the alienators will be moderated, presumably by the therapist and the father, if reinstated at all.

And don't forget about the video included in this post: It is of a currently missing boy, Jean Paul, who was kidnapped in October by his father. The media put forth coverage just recently in December.

Why is it that when there is a perceived injustice to a father, there is international coverage and outrage? And mothers get international coverage only when they are intentionally made out to be the malicious beings (answer: MSM) We have mothers that have had to file a petition with the InterAmerican Commission on Human Rights because of the injustices that they have continued to face right here in the U.S. They haven't had any Senator endorsements or Hillary Clinton step in and take charge. All women get is a public service announcement and ineffective councils created. We have had a couple of women come to the United States for asylum to be protected from domestic abuse, but when our own women flee from the U.S., they are hunted and the countries that protect them are ridiculed and threatened.

Anyway, good luck to Sean.