David Goldman's Attorney Now Playing the "Best Interest" Card

The overall theme in the Sean Goldman story is getting more and more confusing. First, it seemed to be about child custody. Then, people were saying it was about child abduction--abduction being more catchy than a child custody story. Now, it is about "best interest," as evidenced by a statement given by David Goldman's attorney in reference to Sean's Brazilian family continuing the "custody fight":
"If they are going to persist to take positions that are contrary to Sean's best interest, we would need to evaluate what impact that would have going forward on Sean," Apy told CNN.
Everyone is claiming to know what Sean's best interest is now. Best interest is seemingly determined by those with the upper hand.

Is this type of cultural transition in Sean's best interest? Is this media affair in his best interest? Is calling David Goldman dad, in his best interest? Is dad putting all his intimate business in public in his best interest? What really matters these days?

What about what Sean Goldman thinks?