I'm Really Shitting in My Pants Right Now

There is such a frenzy going on right now in the blogosphere, I almost feel like I've been thrown back into high school--'cept in high school, I didn't give a fuck, and in my tender age of right now, I still don't give a fuck.

Father's rights persons are telling such lies about us d.v. bloggers, outright lies. Not distortions anymore. They are absolutely making shit up! I point this out only to prove that this is exactly how they do their "research" and "statistics"--by making the shit up. And after they do that, they repeat it to the umpteenth degree: because saying is believing--and as NOBODY in their camps question anything (no critical thinking allowed), the nonsense is spread like wildfire...

They like to incite rage and beef each other up...kinda like the whole Two Minutes Hate in George Orwell's 1984. It's called shifting the focus and they are REALLY good at it.

Doesn't this sound like some throwback shit from...middle school even? White men have a lot of time on their hands. Must be like that when you stand in privilege. Instead of using that privilege for good, they'd rather spark up drama and target the women that aren't trying to suck their dicks or give them virtual hand jobs. I will say this one million times: I swear this turns them on and this is the way they release their sexual tension. Oh well. They can keep lying if this means that Viagra sales will decrease.