The Parental Alienation Conversation

This is a conversation between me and Mandy about parental alienation that began on Facebook.

I assume people know where I stand on the issue if they have read any of my posts on twitter, facebook, on this site, or elsewhere I've commented. But this really isn't about me, as I have no direct experience with being accused of parental alienation (as of yet) and nor I have accused anyone else.

Mandy, just post to the comment section and I will take your responses, and continue to copy and paste them up here. You can provide links, research, fact, fiction, phone a friend, whatever. I just want to play this out in the open, no rush, for as long as it keeps both of our interest.


Randi James: parental alienation is a dangerous concept that abusers use to cover their abusive histories and shift the focus off of them and their actions and onto the behavior of the protective parent

Mandy Carroll: thanks for posting that. I have been quite curious about this as a sociologist.

Randi James: what, exactly, are you curious about, Mandy?

Mandy Carroll: what the concept of parental aliention is. There seems to be two views. One is that this is a crock and a method of parents to beat the other parent into submission and the other is dealing with the fact that this does happen. One parent is alienated and deprived of their children at the hands of the other parent. From what I have read on postings it seems to be cast from the view that mothers are misleading courts about the fathers. I have 4 sons who have all been poisoned against me because I was married to an abuser for twenty years. I have been divorced for nearly a decade and because I divorced him and got out and became self sufficent and educated he seeks everyday to destroy me in any manner he can. First he started with shutting off water and power. Then he went to accounts opened in my social and forged signatures, so I have no credit. Then to no child support, tax evasion they came after me for and then when none of that worked in getting me to come back, he went after my children. Now they are the victims. yes, they are grown men but this is all they have learned. They view women as possesions which need to act appropriately and I do not. The church is used alot.

...from my interpretation of postings, I am observing people not believing it happens and on both sides of the fence. There also seems to be alot of anger surrounding this issue.

Randi James: Before I get into your personal situation, let me ask, what do you know about the origination of parental alienation [syndrome]? Dr. Richard Gardner, etc.?