Parental Alienation Distortion: as told by an angry inch blogger

Some blogger, named Godbey, that I am unfamiliar with outside of his extremely visible court record, has apparently made some false accusations about me (ROTFLMAO) because I (and many others) have set him (and many others) off regarding my stance on parental alienation syndrome.

My main problem with parental alienation disorder/syndrome/notsyndrome WTF?, is that it is a catch-all type of thing. Everything is parental alienation. According to its theorists, parental alienation is covert and overt, in intact families and broken families, done by mothers, fathers, foster families, grandparents, adoptive families, etc, etc...all the while never getting to the bottom of what is really occurring because it just doesn't matter. So long as parental alienation is thrown on the table, the focus is shifted and the attention is diverted back to the other party, with the accusing party having no responsibility in the entire drama.

How is this a disorder? If anything, the true disorder would be parental alienation accusation syndrome--the accuser who can't think of anything better to do than blame everyone else for their problems. Is that in the DSM already?

It is a perfect legal goes along with the rape/false accusation, child sexual abuse/false memory syndrome, domestic violence/parental alienation meme. And a lot of people stand to benefit from its inclusion in the new DSM--a lot of people, except the children who are supposed to be affected by the disorder/syndrome. Why? Because the "treatment" that the children who are "diagnosed" with parental alienation disorder/syndrome are subjected to is the very situation that the accuser purports to have been done to him: the child is forced to detach from one parent, and is then psychologically manipulated to bond with the other parent. The child has no say so in the entire ordeal, short of refusing treatment (not likely to fly if the child is underage), running away, or suicide (RIP Nathan Grieco).

Where are the children's rights for which these theorists claim to be fighting? Children cannot have rights without autonomy and autonomy cannot exist if children are not a voluntary party to any treatment protocol. This also happens to be a violation of ethics.

Note the language of parental alienation theorists--they always refer to it as "child abuse," and the alienator as "child abuser"...They are attempting to reframe the language regarding what constitutes child abuse. There is little-to-no word on physical abuse, sexual abuse and the emotional abuse accompanying and resulting from those abuses.

The blogger says this,
Just recently, a person known as "Randi James" (not real name, obviously) was de-friend-ed by dozens of men (and a few women) when she spewed her bittternes against fathers in a comment thread on Facebook.
This is so distorted that I have to laugh--but note that this is how they always do. Godbey swears he knows so much about us bloggers and while I'd love to set his ass straight about 99% of his inaccuracies in re: me, I think it is much more amusing to let him feel like King Shit--because apparently, he is more affected by the "facebook incident" than I am. For the record though, I had no idea that I was "de-friended by dozens of men" and women. I actually only know of ONE, but I wouldn't be the best judge of that, you see, because I've only ever requested about 5 people to be my friends. So, one person, or maybe it was more, dropped me as a friend:
Oh god, I'm gonna cry now! What will I do?
NEWSFLASH! Facebook is not real life--but it is a good tool for the socially retarded and does well to feed narcissistic supply.

Lastly, while I'd love to address other things the blogger has said, I'll do him a favor and leave him with a special gift to aid in his delusions/fantasies--cause I'm nice like that:

Oh, and don't forget this: