Ernie Allen of NCMEC Makes a Milli for "Rescuing Children." How Much Do You Make?

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) is a non-profit agency based in Northern Virginia.

NCMEC gets at least half of its money from tax payers.

NCMEC president Ernie Allen makes in excess of ONE MILLION DOLLARS per year.

NCMEC, being private entity, is NOT subject to FOIA requests.

Not all of the children listed by NCMEC are or were "missing."

NCMEC and John Walsh are on the constant hunt for child sexual predators via computer traps, search, and seizure...but where are the children?

From Hank Asher's blog:
NCMEC (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children) ONE (1) -conversation with the founders of NCMEC, John and Revé Walsh!!! -and NCMEC in action to reunite children with their families!!! NCMEC reunited 5,500 children with their families after Katrina. GO NCMEC! They're on the ground, waiting for clearance to start operations with over 1,000 volunteers and people paid from private funds. I am on the board of NCMEC. It's the only Board I'm a member of. Help them! They protect our most valuable asset in the United States every day. OUR CHILDREN... Seriously, I've given them over $10 million in cash and my products for free since 1993. They do God's work. And they're under-funded.
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