Every Child Has Parental Alienation Syndrome, Even David Goldman's Son!


Parental alienation syndrome theorists say that there must be a alienating/aligned parent, an alienated child, and a target parent. Supposedly, Sean Goldman is the alienated child, therefore making David Goldman the target parent. But who is the alienating parent?

Bruna Bianchi is dead. And Sean Goldman has been in the care and custody of his maternal grandmother and step-father. Can non-mothers be alienators, too, now?

According to Richard Gardner, father of parental alienation syndrome, parental alienation syndrome occurs in the context of divorce. David Goldman and Bruna Bianchi divorced a couple of years ago. Bruna has been dead since 2008, is her parental influence and control still lingering on?

Richard Gardner also said a child of parental alienation should display some of the following "symptoms":
1. The Campaign of Denigration
2. Weak, Frivolous, or Absurd Rationalizations
3. Lack of Ambivalence
4. The "Independent-Thinker" Phenomenon
5. Reflexive Support of the Alienating Parent in the Parental Conflict
6. Absence of Guilt Over Cruelty to and/or Exploitation of the Alienated Parent
7. Presence of Borrowed Scenarios
8. Spread of the Animosity to the Extended Family and Friends of the Alienated Parent
Are these symptoms present in order to be able to diagnose Sean Goldman with parental alienation syndrome/disorder?

Is Sean Goldman hostile towards his father? What is the evidence...that he won't call him "dad"?

Can someone who wasn't raised in United States be diagnosed with this type of "disorder" when there are cultural and language differences?

It has been obvious ever since this case hit the media, based on the false premise that this was an abduction case, that this would become a great opportunity for parental alienation theory to gain footing (also based on false premises, as cited above):

We must wonder what the theorists, like Dr. Amy J. Baker, who are pushing for its inclusion in the DSM, are really about? Are they about the children? Are they about the money? Or are they about punishing custodial parents and family members (see previous post for "remedy" for parental alienation syndrome)?

If there are no symptoms [in the child], is there a disease [disorder]? Even Dr. Gardner says, no. Today's parental alienation syndrome theorists, always say, yes.

Will this be the new ADHD?

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