Same Ol Constitutional Argument for Fathers Having Child Custody

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Hey Randy. In the states there is something called the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Both have be violated by US Family Courts for decades.

And yes, isn't it obvious that I know this--or else I, and many others, wouldn't be writing about it.
Clearly shown by the statistical out comes in child custody cases. These when 90% of all custody cases come out in the favor of mother. There is something wrong.
So, mothers getting custody of their children is evidence of the family courts' violation of Constitutional Rights?

Fail. And believe me I have seen this many times. Classic father's rights spew.

What percentage of these custody cases are ones in which mother-favor was the agreement of the mother and father?

What percentage of these mother-favor custody cases are ones in which father was not present to dispute the custody arrangement?

What percentage of these mother-favor custody cases in which the court did determine that the mother had been the primary caregiver thus is was in the best interest of the child that the mother have custody?

More important, what is favoring the mother, anyway (versus favoring the child)? The only time something is wrong is when the best interest of that child in that case is not served.
All men can not be abusers as you claim.
Yeah, because I begin each of my posts with, "All men in the whole wide world are abusers." Whoops, my bad. I'll try to be mindful.
Not only are men entitled to "equal protection under the law" in any civil case but so are children.
Equal protection of the law deals with the right to have access to and equal treatment of the law. This means that any disadvantaged group, shares in this lack of protection. My concern is that the poor never have equal protection, and nor do children, because their rights are disregarded in favor of adults.
In the "best interest of a child" equal access to both parents and all relatives is a birth right.
Where is this listed? Where are birth rights listed? And how can equal access be determined? This would only mean that a child can have its mother, father, and relatives available to him/her. Equal access cannot be forced. In fact, [forcing ] it may be a violation of the child's best interest. In the best interest standard, the following are considered:
  1. The wishes and feelings of the child
  2. The physical, educational, and emotional needs of the child
  3. The likely effect on any change in the circumstances now and in the future
  4. Age, sex, background and any other characteristics the court considers relevant
  5. Any harm suffered or at risk of suffering now and in the future
  6. Capability of the parent in meeting the child's needs
  7. The range of powers available to the court under the Children Act 1989 in the proceedings in question
The notion that a child only needs mother is purely subjective and invented probably by an over bearing mother.
Thank you for your input. Very revealing.

Regardless, the mother carries the fetus and nurtures it with and within her body for 10 months. As the body is healing post-partum, the mother continues to nurture the infant with her body. The infant is familiar with the mother's voice and motions, among other things. The mother is automatically a child's first attachment via biological mechanisms. Also, a mother's body is healed and recovers through the nurturing of her infant. Until men can have babies, this will not change. I know father's rights groups have tried to re-write attachment theory and early childhood education research to replace and erase mother-bonding, but the biological basis cannot be annihilated.
Even the psychological evaluations are very subjective. Psychology is not an exact science and is very low on the list of predictable sciences.
I know this. Had you read anything else on this site, you'd know this also. Psychology is not a science at all, or at least, no more than Astrology. Yet, psychological evaluations are used to remove custody from fit mothers that have been successful primary caregivers. Abusive men pass these same tests with flying colors--even men who kill.
Ideas about raising children come and go with the popularity of magazines. Ideas on this so called science change every 5-10 years.
Most certainly. There is a book written about it. Fathers raising children is an idea that has gained a lot of popularity, but yet the actual actions of fathers have not caught up. If child support were abolished, maybe men would find another idea to promote.
Hey does Canada
have a Constitution?

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Hey, Does the United States have to abide by Human Rights?